Sunbeam-Talbot 4 Litre




The 4 Litre was based on the Sunbeam-Talbot 3 Litre, but used the 4086cc sidevalve six from the Humber Super Snipe with an alloy head. This meant 100bhp @ 3400rpm. Hydraulic brakes were fitted and it had independent front suspension by a transverse leaf spring. Rear suspension was by half elliptic leaf springs and a live axle.

Body styles were saloon, sports saloon, tourer, touring saloon, touring limousine and drophead coupe. 229 examples were built.

photo: Restored Cars

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2 thoughts on “Sunbeam-Talbot 4 Litre


    I resently bought a Sunbeam Talbot Supreme based on Humber Snipe 3,2lt 6 Cyl.
    The dashboard was modified in the past and I want to bring it back to original. Who can help with pictures and/or instruments?
    There was a possibility to change the ride from hard to soft. Does anybody has an idea how this worked?

    kindest regards and thanks to all that can help


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