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Rootes site in Port Melbourne

It appears that the former Rootes factory in Port Melbourne is to be redeveloped.


Janet Bolitho of the Port Melbourne Historical Society writes:

The Rootes factory in Port Melbourne is soon to be redeveloped. We know so little about the factory.
It would be great if you could post this brief piece and ask people if they had anything to correct or to add.
We’d love to learn more detail about the cars manufactured there and the people who made them.
The article is at
So hope to hear from you.

If anyone can help Janet let us know and it will be passed on.

Thanks to Darryl Jenetsky for this second shot of the factory, taken a few years earlier.


Google Earth

I’ve now added Google Earth placemark files to my Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Sunbeam Factories section.

If you’re not familiar with Google Earth, it’s free software that allows you to view satellite images of the entire Earth’s surface. Resolution varies from place to place, but all the locations I’ve provided placemarks for have good clear images.


The downturn in the new car market has hit Peugeot UK (the company we used to know as Rootes). After reaching record levels of production at Ryton over the last couple of years, they’ve now had to cut production and sack workers.