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Sunbeam Vogue

Thanks to Jose Luis Rubio for sending in this lovely Sunbeam Vogue.DSCN1468

Arnoud Venema’s Alpine

1967 Sunbeam Alpine Series V of Arnoud Venema, The Netherlands.

Photos: Arnoud Venema

Arnoud has also sent me a photo of some Humbers at the 1997 European Rootes Meeting.

John van Ewijk’s Alpine

Sunbeam Alpine Series II of John van Ewijk, The Netherlands.


Photo: Arnoud Venema

Serbian Avenger

1977 Sunbeam 1300 Super (similar to a Hillman Avenger) of Alex Miljkovic, Serbia.

Alex also has a 1979 Simca 1308 GLS. Photos: Alex Miljkovic

1922 GP Sunbeam

Photo: Mark Ballard

“Strasbourg” Sunbeam, the 1922 Grand Prix car (2 litre, 4 cylinder, twin overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder, 88bhp@4200rpm).

Vintage lineup

left to right
– a Sunbeam 3 litre Super Sports “Twin Cam”
– 1922 Tourist Trophy Sunbeam
– 1924 Grand Prix Sunbeam – aka Sunbeam Cub (supercharged, 2-litre, 6-cylinder, twin overhead camshafts, 146bhp@5000rpm)

Photos: Mark Ballard

Chassis of the 1924 Grand Prix Sunbeam.



1912 Sunbeam 12/16 3 litre Sports

Photo: Mark Ballard

1926 Tiger

1926 Sunbeam Tiger Land Speed Record car (supercharged, 4 litre, V12 cylinder, 2 overhead camshafts per bank, 306bhp@5300rpm). Photos: Mark Ballard


1914 TT Sunbeams

1914 Tourist Trophy Sunbeams: (4 cylinders, 3.3 litres, 4 valves per cylinder, twin overhead camshafts, 94bhp@3000rpm). The only one with its original colour is the purple one, as this was the British racing colour for the 1914 TT. Photos: Mark Ballard

Mike Scott’s Police Imp

Mike Scott’s replica police Imp is an occasional exhibit at the Grampian Transport Museum (see previous post), but wasn’t on display at the time of my visit.


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