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Bob Hamilton’s Alpine

The 1953 Sunbeam Alpine Mk I of Bob Hamilton, Canada, photographed in Bob’s very picturesque driveway.


Photo: Bob Hamilton

1922 TT Sunbeam

1922 Tourist Trophy Sunbeam of Julian Majzub (3 litre, 8 cylinder, twin overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder, 108bhp@4000rpm). Photo: Mark Ballard



1922 TT Sunbeam

1922 TT Sunbeam of Tom Wheatcroft.

Photo: Mark Ballard

My Imp with the USS Belleau Wood

My 1969 Sunbeam Imp Sport with a somewhat larger conveyance, the USS Belleau Wood. Howdy, Louie. Sorry my stitching is a bit amateurish.belleau

Monster Avenger

Voja Jovicic from Serbia owns this amazing Sunbeam Avenger. It is reported to have a Ford Granada front end, Audi 100 rear end, Ford 6 speed gearbox and Talbot 6 cylinder engine. Photos: Alex Miljkovic


Matt Weinreb’s Alpine

1966 Sunbeam Alpine Series V of Matt Weinreb, England. Photo: Matt Weinreb

Peter Outen’s Sunbeam Mk III

1957 Sunbeam Mk III owned by Peter Outen, England. Photo: Jim Mundell

Jim Mundell’s Sunbeam-Talbots

1955 Sunbeam Mk III Coupe of Jim Mundell, England. Photo: Jim Mundell

Sunbeam Talbot 2 Litre of Jim Mundell, England. Photo: Jim Mundell

Sunbeam Talbot Ten belonging to Jim’s brother. Photo: Jim Mundell

Brian Bradshaw’s Stiletto

Brian Bradshaw’s Sunbeam Stiletto under restoration (New Zealand). Photo: Brian Bradshaw

Photo: Brian Bradshaw

Allen Cox’s veteran Sunbeam

Allen Cox in Australia is restoring this pre-WWI Sunbeam. The last photo shows it earlier in its life operating as a taxi in Bundaberg. Photos: Allen Cox