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1912 Sunbeam 12/16 3 litre Sports

Photo: Mark Ballard

1926 Tiger

1926 Sunbeam Tiger Land Speed Record car (supercharged, 4 litre, V12 cylinder, 2 overhead camshafts per bank, 306bhp@5300rpm). Photos: Mark Ballard


Works Series II Rapier

Works Sunbeam Rapier Series II on the 1958 Alpine Rally. Drivers: Lola Grounds and Mary Handley-Page. Photo: Rgbub

Later at the Vivione Pass (sans headlight!)


1914 TT Sunbeams

1914 Tourist Trophy Sunbeams: (4 cylinders, 3.3 litres, 4 valves per cylinder, twin overhead camshafts, 94bhp@3000rpm). The only one with its original colour is the purple one, as this was the British racing colour for the 1914 TT. Photos: Mark Ballard

Mike Scott’s Police Imp

Mike Scott’s replica police Imp is an occasional exhibit at the Grampian Transport Museum (see previous post), but wasn’t on display at the time of my visit.


album3064 album3065


album3066 album3067


Grampian Transport Museum

Sunbeam motorcycle

Sunbeam motorcycle

I wanted to take this one home. What you can't tell from the photograph is that it's a pick-up!

I wanted to take this one home. What you can’t tell from the photograph is that it’s a pick-up!

Sunbeam cycles

Sunbeam cycles

Thanks to Mike Scott for taking these photographs – I forgot my camera!


Bob Hamilton’s Alpine

The 1953 Sunbeam Alpine Mk I of Bob Hamilton, Canada, photographed in Bob’s very picturesque driveway.


Photo: Bob Hamilton

1922 TT Sunbeam

1922 Tourist Trophy Sunbeam of Julian Majzub (3 litre, 8 cylinder, twin overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder, 108bhp@4000rpm). Photo: Mark Ballard



1922 TT Sunbeam

1922 TT Sunbeam of Tom Wheatcroft.

Photo: Mark Ballard

My Imp with the USS Belleau Wood

My 1969 Sunbeam Imp Sport with a somewhat larger conveyance, the USS Belleau Wood. Howdy, Louie. Sorry my stitching is a bit amateurish.belleau