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2013 37th Nationals President’s Report with Photos

Lakeside 2013

On Sunday, the 19th of May, the Lakeside classic car event occurred. I could not attend as we had just returned from a trip however Peter Prasser was there and told me the attendance at this year’s event was down on last years cars. There were 2 Sunbeams that made the tripSteven

Peter’s Sunbeam behind Alvis
Neville Kennard’s Rapier

Brisbane Tramway Museum August 2014

Brisbane Tramway Museum August Event

The picnic at Ferny Grove and the visit to the Brisbane Tramway Museum was well attended and enjoyed by members of the SOCQ and several visitors from the RGCC. The weather was glorious and the company great.

The Maddock family turned up in force with Darcy and Lyn accompanied by Russell and his children. It’s always a delight to compare their Sunbeam Imp Sports.

Neville Kennard, proud owner of his beautiful Rapier, Peter and Jane Prasser in their Sunbeam Fastback and Steven and Linda Graham in their Alpine enjoyed the occasion.

Three very wise Sunbeam owners, Neville, Peter and Steve

It was good to catch up with Alan Geoghegan who turned up out of the blue. He and Barbara have relocated to Buderim where his Rapier Fastback and Alpine have a new home. His Mark Alpine is having some repairs and will move north soon. Alan and Neil had a great chat.

Baillies’ and Ottos’ Tigers with Adrian Grant’s 1938 Ford

After lunch we arrived at the Brisbane Tramway Museum where we were greeted by one of the volunteers. We inspected a number of old trams in the sheds and had the pleasure of three different rides on the ‘old girls’.

Claudette just loves old trams and took her daughters on the last ever tram ride in Brisbane in 1968.

Thanks to President and Editor for Commentary



By all accounts the annual Rootes Group Day at Highfield was well-attended and enjoyed by many enthusiests. Over twenty vehicles and their owners turned up to a beautiful day of sunshine. I wish to thank Clyde and Miranda for organising the venue as well as Neil for all his efforts. Peter and Steve took some photos and awards were distributed as usual.

July 2015 Event

July Event

Fifteen members and guests arrived at Queen’s Park, Ipswich for our July event. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed morning tea near the Animal reserve. The wombats were moving, the birds were chirping and the bilbies were happy to show their offspring.

Adrian Grant brought his Chevbeam and this is how he explained this unusual vehicle:

‘The Chevbeam was the result of a failed cooperation between GM and the Rootes Group. Apparently GM saw there was no midsized car in the Sunbeam lineup and so proposed a joint venture. This resulted in this Chevbeam prototype being produced. Unfortunately, the management committee could not see the possibilities of this wonderful sedan, no Rapier like intellects here, and so the whole enterprise was shelved with just one example in existence to show of what could have been a very fruitful venture. They could not see that this could be the dawn of a new age and that it would shine a Sunbeam onto an otherwise dull and pedestrian marketplace.’

1953 Chevbeam

Everyone really enjoyed the journey passing through the farming areas of Pine Mountain, Glamorgan Vale, Marburg and Rosewood. The lunch at the Royal George Hotel settled the appetite with great conversation to boot.

Geoff and Sylvia’s immaculate Sunbeam Alpine