Celebrity Sunbeam Owners

Sammy Davis Jnr Singer/Entertainer Alpine
Bette Davis Actor Alpine
Sir Cliff Richard Singer Alpine
Paul Simon Singer/Songwriter (Simon & Garfunkel) Alpine
Cary Grant Actor Sunbeam Imp & Tiger
Richie Benaud Cricket Player/Commentator Alpine
Petula Clark Singer Chrysler Sunbeam GLS
Sir Edward Elgar Composer Sunbeam bicycle
Don Adams Actor/Comedian Tiger
Chris Amon Formula 1 Driver Tiger
Nicky Buckley Australian telvision presenter Alpine
George Best Football Player Alpine
Lady Betty Brabham from the famous motor racing family
Andy Rooney US television personality Tiger
Sir Norman Wisdom Entertainer Stiletto
Russ Maddock (yes, he is related to the webmaster) Race Jockey Rapier
Woolf Barnato Racing Driver – of “Bentley Boys” fame 3 Litre & Sunbeam-powered racing boat
Alan White drummer for Oasis Alpine
Shane Lynch performer from Boyzone Sunbeam (Imp) Sport
Marc Newson Designer Alpine
Sir Harry Lauder Singer 3 Litre Super Sports
David Letterman Comedian/TV Personality Alpine
Ricardo Montalban Actor Tiger
Anita Harris Singer/Entertainer Stiletto
Sam Manekshaw Soldier – first Field Marshal of the Indian Army Rapier
Margaret Pomeranz Australian television presenter Alpine
Edie Adams US entertainer Sunbeam Imp
Prince Rainier III Prince of Monaco Stiletto
Sir Edmund Hillary Mountaineer Sunbeam-Talbot 90

Note that the racing drivers listed above as Sunbeam owners – to the best of my knowledge – never drove Sunbeams in competition. Feel free to let me know if you can prove me wrong. Many of the drivers listed in my Honour Roll page as competing in Sunbeams also owned them in private life, but I felt the list would become rather tedious if I listed them twice.

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  1. The late Princess Grace of Monaco owned a 1969-70 Sunbeam Rapier custom built convertible (the only know convertible). Great website! Jan Eyerman

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