Racing and Rally Driver Honour Roll

Racing and rally drivers who competed in Sunbeams – some famous, some not so famous, some immortal


Jim Adams
Ronnie Adams
Chris Amon
Rune Backlund
Tony Baines
I.M. Bakhsh
Maxence Balas
Keith Ballisat
P. Bamber
Don Barrow
Hope Bartlett
Raymond Baxter
N.F. Baylis
L. Bell
H.A. Bennet
Lucien Bianchi
C.A. Bird
Stig Blomqvist
Andre Boillot
Jo Bonnier
E.L. Bouts
Sir Jack Brabham
W.G. Bridges
Russell Brookes
H.B. Browning
G. Buckley
Ivor Bueb
Bob Burman
Richard Burns
Joe Cagnacci
G. Caillois
Ray Calcutt
F.W.H. Campbell
Sir Malcolm Campbell
Basil Cardew
Dan Carmichael
Bjorn Cederberg
Jean Chassagne
Louis Chevrolet
Gerard Chevron
Chips Chipperton
Gordon Chittenden
J. Christiaens
Jim Clark
Francoise Clarke
H.F. Clay
Douglas Clease
Emile-Claude Clemens
Louis Coatalen
John Cobb
Major J.V. Colby
Peter Collins
Caesar Cone
Count Carlo Conelli
John Cooper (of Autocar Magazine)
Earl of Cottenham
John Cotter
Billy Cotton
Mike Cotton
Andrew Cowan
L.V. Cozens
J.M. Crickmay
R.F. Crossman
Ellis Cuff-Miller
Ivy Cummings
May Cunliffe
L. Cushman
John Cutts
B.O. Davis
Sammy Davis
R. de Palma
Doc Deane
A. Divo
Kaye Don
Claude Du Bois
George Duller
C. Dunfee
J. Dunfee
P. Dutoit
Ron Dykes
K. Eggar
T. Elder-Hearne
Charles Eyre-Maunsell
Robin Eyre-Maunsell
Capt George Eyston
Gunnar Fadum
Nils Falk
H.F.W. Farquharson
Nicky Filinis
Harry Firth
John Fitch
G. Foresti
Steve Forines
Jim Forno
Alan Fraser
Daphne Freeman
Guy Frequelin
D. Froy
Fred Gallagher
Norman Garrad
Maurice Gatsonides
G.L. Geach
E. Genna
John Eason Gibson
Gregor Grant
Harry Grant
Lord Grimthorpe
Lola Grounds
J. Arias Guedes
Kenelm Lee Guiness
Sir Algernon Lee Guinness
Albert Guyot
Bob Hagin
O. Haibe
Nick Haines
Anne Hall
Ian Hall
C.W.F. Hamilton
Mary Handley Page
E. Harding
C.P. Hare
Peter Harper
George Hartwell
Harry Hawker
Mike Hawthorn
M. Hay Chapman
D. Heath
Vic Heylen
D. Higgin
Graham Hill
Paddy Hopkirk
H. Hughes
B. Hunter
A. Hutcheson
C.R.W. Jackson
G.J. Jackson
J.W. Jackson
Lloyd James
Bob Jensen
Leslie Johnson
A. Jones
Rev. Rupert Jones
Peter Jopp
Bob Kimes
Tony Lanfranchi
P. Lang
Les Leston
Tiny Lewis
David Mabbs
Margaret Mackenzie
Colin Malkin
Per Malling
J.B. Marquis
Count Giulio Masetti
Pauline Mayman
C. McAdam
Trevor McCalla
Bill McGovern
Bruce McLaren
H. McMullen
Colin McRae
E. Medinger
E.L. Meeson
Ann Melvin
John Melvin
Ken Miles
Sir Alistair Miller
A. Milne
Nancy Mitchell
Peter Monkhouse
E.G. Morley
J. Mortimer
Sir Stirling Moss
R.J. Munday
George Murray-Frame
E.S. Myers
Barney Oldfield
Mike Parkes
A.H. Pass
Cyril Paul
John Pearman
Win Percy
W.R. Perkins
Stan Petersen
Peter Pilsworth
David Pollard
Tony Pond
Jean Porporato
Peter Proctor
H.W. Purdy
Jimmy Ray
Larry Reed
Dario Resta
T.H. Richards
F. Richey
Victor Rigal
Peter Riley
R.C. Robb
Graham Robson
Pedro Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez
Keke Rosberg
Jack Scott
W.B. Scott
Rosemary Seers
Sir Henry Segrave
J.C. Seligman
Ayrton Senna
Don Sesslar
P.W. Smith
Rosemary Smith
T.W. Smith
E.S. Sneath
Tommy Sopwith
Dr J.T. Spare
J.S. Spencer
Lew Spencer
L.B. Starkey
H. Stevenson
W. Stokes
Bill Swegler
H.E. Symons
Vince Tamburo
Fillipo Theodoli
Parry Thomas
Rene Thomas
David Thompson
Jerry Titus
Jean Todt
Henri Toivonen
Pauli Toivonen
J.H. Toop
Robert Topman
N. Turner
Robin Turvey
Bernard Unett
J.P. Valumbia
Sheila Van Damm
Noel Van Raalte
C.A. Vandervell
A.H. Watson
T. Watts
Eppie Wetzes
Ken Wharton
Paul White
G. Wills
Steven Zannos


Current or recent drivers competing in Sunbeams

Carl Christiansen – Carl raced a late series 3 Alpine on the west coast of the U.S.; with Classic Sports Racing Group (CSRG), Vintage Auto Racing Group (VARA), and competed in the popular Wine Country Classic and Monterey Historics. Carl’s Alpine was reportedly an ex-factory race car.

Roger Davis (email: Roger is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and races an absolutely beautiful green series 5 Alpine with the Rocky Mountain Vintage Race Group (RMVR). Roger also comes “west” occasionally and we have raced at Sears Point Intl Raceway and at Las Vegas.

Eric Funk (email: Eric races in the midwest U.S. and refers to his Alpine as “The Nuclear Banana”. Eric is in the process of building a “killer engine”, with the intent of going after the Porsches! A few words of encouragement would help Eric in his endeavours.

Carl McLelland (email: I am the “new new kid on the block” regarding Alpines; having come to them after 37 years in Porsches. My series 1 Alpine came out of Don Stephan’s barn, where it had been in “retirement” for a number of years. Following restoration I have just completed one full season of racing with CSRG. This year I’m racing it in both CSRG and Historic Sportscar Racing – West (HSR-West). My car is prepared “period correct” – which means it is prepared as it would have appeared in an SCCA race in the 1960’s.

Tom Patton – USA – Tiger

Barry Schonberger – USA – Tiger

Steve Smith – UK – Alpine

Don Stephan (email: Don has a series 1 Alpine, built within the first month of production in 1959. Don races on the west coast of the U.S. and has raced in the past with CSRG, Historic Motor Sports Association (HMSA), and has competed in the Wine Country Classic, Monterey Historics and Coronado Grand Prix. Prior to the Alpine, Don had an extensive history of road racing spanning three decades, in quite a number of SCCA and IMSA cars.

Terry Sully – Australia – Alpine

Geoff Tedder – ’67 Series V Alpine. Yellow # 53

Curt Bowland – USA – Tiger


Andy Vitek – USA – Tiger


Geoff Morse – Australia – Alpine


Reg Darwell – Australia – Alpine


Brad Morse – Australia – Tiger


Patrick Watts – UK – Tiger




This list is by no means complete. Please feel free to nominate additions.


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  1. I have three nominations for this list: Ernest McMillen who co drove with Ronnie Adams; David Humphrey who I think worked for Rootes Group and died at quite a young age – he certainly did a Monte Carlo Rally in the late 50’s early 60’s as did Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. I remember travelling to Stockholm with them. I found the list when Googling someone else. I hope this is useful.

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