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The final incarnation of the 24hp Sunbeam appeared in 1924 as the 24/70. The engine was upgraded to 70bhp and it gained four wheel brakes with a gearbox driven servo.

Approximately 102 were built.

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  1. Hi all, I know of a 24/70 for sale, older restoration (2000) with spate 4L engine and gear rather good condition.

    Can you help with a valuation ?

    Do you know of any interested parties ?

    Thanks, Mark Riddell, Coachbuilder.

  2. Dear Mark,
    The 24/70 was the 1924 “flagship” model for Sunbeam at that time ranking alongside British top car marques such as Bentley,Rolls Royce and Vauxhall.
    In fact engineering- wise probably better since they benefitted from WW1 aero technology and the others were still basic Edwardian designs.
    Only 102 were made of which I understand only 4 survive.
    The coachwork options were the same for all these marques.
    The other marques command prices of

  3. I am fortunate in owning a Sunbeam 24/70. The registration number is XR 2831, Chassis number 7003D To add to this beautiful car it has its original four seat, light sports tourer body. For several reasons I rate it higher than a Silver Ghost, so therefore it must be the finest car of the period. I have a great interest in collating the history of vintage cars and would be grateful if anyone has information on its life, especially before the late fifties and before it was sold by a dealer in Salisbury, UK for £100 would make contact.

    1. Hi Charles,

      I stumbled across this article whilst searching on the internet for information about a car that used to belong to my grandfather – believe it or not, a Sunbeam 24/70, registration XR 2831! So perhaps I can provide you with some history…

      It was purchased as a delapidated ‘barn-find’ and restored by my grandfather in Devon in the mid-1950s. He was a vintage car enthusiast himself, but he had to sell it in the late 50s due to a child on the way! I know that it was sold up-country somewhere, presumably to the dealer in Salisbury given the timing that you refer to.

      I do have a few more details and a few anecdotes passed on to me as a child by my late grandmother, and I *may* be able to find some more old paperwork if I search for it…

      Obviously the internet is full of strange people, and I don’t want to post too much detail or my email address publicly, but let me know if you are interested to get in touch and if so how best to reach you.


      1. Hi James,
        I am so pleased to hear from you. I would indeed like to receive any details of the 24/70 which I bought a while ago. I have several cars and find the history is sometimes more interesting than the car itself. Taking a chance that spammers are not interested in this site. I would love to speak to you, if you give me a call on 01935 475053 any lunchtime around 1230 I should be in. If not leave your number and I will call you back.

        Thank you Charles

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