Sunbeam Sixteen


16.9 hp Tourer
16.9 hp Tourer

The Sixteen was introduced for 1927. It featured a 2035cc six cylinder overhead valve engine rated at 16.9hp. The chassis used semi-elliptic springs at the front and cantilever springs at the rear. A four speed crash gearbox with right hand change was fitted.

Fuel was fed to the Claudel Hobson carburettor by a vacuum pump, and distributor and coil ignition was used. Bodies available were: two seater, tourer, fixed head coupe, folding head coupe, coachbuilt saloon, Weymann saloon, Mulliner Weymann saloon and Weymann limousine.

In 1930, the suspension was changed to semi-elliptics all the way round. Around 3,495 examples of the 1926-1930 type were made.

For 1931, the engine was increased in size to 2193cc (rated at 19hp), hydraulic brakes were fitted and it gained an Amal carburettor. In 1933, the final year, the Sixteen gained a synchromesh gearbox and a mechanical fuel pump. From 1931-33 approximately 1045 were built.

photo: Mark Dixon