Sunbeam Twenty



20.9 hp Tourer
20.9 hp Tourer

The Sunbeam 20, introduced for 1927, featured a 2916cc overhead valve six cylinder engine with a rating of 20.9 hp and a four speed gearbox. It used semi-elliptic front suspension and cantilever rear suspension. The four wheel brakes were operated by cable at the front and rod at the rear. A Claudel Hobson carburettor was fitted.

Body styles available were: 2-seater, tourer, fixed-head coupe, folding-head coupe, coachbuilt saloon, Weymann saloon and Rally Weymann saloon.

A long wheelbase chassis was introduced in 1928 for the carriage trade.

Production of the 1926-30 type ran to around 2560 units.

In 1930, the 20 was revised with a new 3317cc OHV six (rating 23.8 hp), Zenith carburettor and a slightly larger chassis. Other revisions included vacuum servo brakes and a silent third gearbox. Around 752 of the 1931-33 type were built.

photo: Chris Minors

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    1. I am looking at a 1927 Sunbeam 20.9. It needs paintwork, new seats and carpets and there is a bit of piston slap apparently. Hasn’t been started for approx 10 yrs. What would be a realistic price as the owner has expressed offers not a price.

  1. What sort of people bought this car from new ? and what was its top speed?

    1. According to some reference material I have top speed was around the 65mph mark. These were aimed toward the upper end of the market, so very much a wealthy person’s car.

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