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The Sunbeam-Talbot 10 was an updated version of the earlier Talbot 10, which in turn was an updated Hillman Aero Minx. It used the Minx chassis with half elliptic leaf springs front and rear and 1185cc alloy headed side valve four cylinder engine. A four speed gearbox was fitted with synchromesh on second, third and fourth.

The engine produced 38bhp @ 4500rpm as originally launched. Improvements for the post-war models saw this increased to 41bhp.

Saloon, tourer and drophead coupe body styles were available. Carbodies were responsible for the coupe bodywork, while the tourer was the work of Whittingham and Mitchell. 10973 Talbot and Sunbeam-Talbot 10s were built.

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  1. My husband inherited a 1938 Talbot “Ten” Tourer . It was purchased in London in 1938 at Warwick Wright LTD. 150 New Bond Sreet. Did they have VIN# and if so where would we find it. Thanks Diana It is all original , runs and is beautiful.

  2. Hi Diana, VINs in the modern sense hadn’t been invented in 1938. The equivalent would be its chassis number which I expect would be stamped on a plate fitted to the body somewhere. Chassis numbers for pre-war Tens typically looked like this:

    Talbot 10 1937 3001 to 3350
    Talbot 10 1938 5001 to 6800
    Sunbeam Talbot 10 1939 40001 to 42752

    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi

    I have a 1938 Talbot Ten Airline Coupe that I am restoring and I wondered whether they were ever sold here in Australia. I would be interested in getting in contact with any fellow Talbot Ten owners in Australia.



  4. The post-war models were definitely sold in Australia. I’m not sure about the pre-war ones, although I’d be surprised if they weren’t. The best bet would be to contact your nearest Sunbeam or Rootes club.

  5. I have numerous parts for a Sunbeam Talbot 10 Airline.
    I am restoring a 1939 ST10 soft top coupe. I bought all the parts from a chap in Holland who was turning his 1936 ST Airline into a special, hoping that some of them would fit my restoration. But none of the parts I wanted fitted.
    So apart from the engine, chassis and transmission, I have virtually everything else. Would you be interested?
    I hope your restoration is going well.
    All the best,

    1. Have only just seen this Feb post. Am working on a 1939 Talbot 10 Airline.
      Do you happen to have a pair of rear springs??

  6. I have just purchased a 1947 ST 10 Tourer and was looking for all the factory colours.

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