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The 4 Litre was based on the Sunbeam-Talbot 3 Litre, but used the 4086cc sidevalve six from the Humber Super Snipe with an alloy head. This meant 100bhp @ 3400rpm. Hydraulic brakes were fitted and it had independent front suspension by a transverse leaf spring. Rear suspension was by half elliptic leaf springs and a live axle.

Body styles were saloon, sports saloon, tourer, touring saloon, touring limousine and drophead coupe. 229 examples were built.

photo: Restored Cars

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    I resently bought a Sunbeam Talbot Supreme based on Humber Snipe 3,2lt 6 Cyl.
    The dashboard was modified in the past and I want to bring it back to original. Who can help with pictures and/or instruments?
    There was a possibility to change the ride from hard to soft. Does anybody has an idea how this worked?

    kindest regards and thanks to all that can help

  2. Claus Erbrecht

    Bei Rolls-Royce und Bentley ging die Einstellung der hinteren Dämpfer über eine Pumpe am Getriebe, über die mehr oder weniger Druck auf Ventile an den hinteren Dämpfern gegeben wurde; der Pumpendruck war über einen Hebel am Lenkrad stufenlos einstellbar (1933 – 1955). Später waren es von der Lenksäule elektromagnetisch geschaltete Ventile an den Dämpfern, zuletzt auch vorn (1955 – 1965).

    Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars had ride control for the rear dampers via a little pump on the gearbox. This pump provided pressure, adjustable from the steering wheel, on valves at the rear dampers (1933 -1955). Later cars had solenoids on the dampers, first at the rear only, later at the front also, electrically operated from a switch at the steering column (1955 – 1965).

    Claus Erbrecht
    Heaven’s Gate Garage

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