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The 1953 Alpine was a derivative of the Sunbeam-Talbot 90, meaning a 2267cc OHV four cylinder engine. It is said to have been inspired by a 90 cut down by George Hartwell. This was the second model to carry the Alpine name – the first being the 1933 Talbot Alpine.

The chassis and suspension were stiffened up. The engine was tuned with a new cylinder head and manifolding, giving 80bhp @ 4200rpm. A closer ratio gearbox was fitted with optional overdrive.

The bodies were based on 90 shells, but were finished and trimmed by Mulliners of Birmingham.

Like the saloon, the Alpine proved a very successful rally car.

A total of 1582 Alpines were produced:

Alpine Mk I – 1282

Alpine Mk III – 300

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  1. A total of 1582 Alpines were produced between 1953 & 1955 – NOT 3000.

    Alpine MK I – 1282

    Alpine MK III 300

    There wasn’t a MK II

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