Third Party Component Supplier Part Numbers

This page is for my own benefit as much as anyone else’s. I’m compiling a list of part numbers for components for Rootes Group cars made by outside suppliers. Building this will be a slow process. Whenever I buy something for my cars I intend to note down the numbers here.

Please note I reside in Australia and I can’t guarantee that part numbers are always internationally uniform.

Component Manufacturer Part Number Application
Headlamp to body seal Peter Jackson’s 244.007 `Series’ Alpine


Brake Pads Ferodo DB525Z `Series’ Alpine
Brake Light Pressure Switch Intermotor 64519 `Series’ Alpine


Slave Cylinder Kit PBR K655S Imp
Fan Belt Bosch 11A0955 `Series’ Alpine/Rapier
Rotor Button Bosch GL229 `Series’ Alpine/Rapier
Contact Set Bosch GL19 `Series’ Alpine/Rapier
Oil Filter Ryco Z10 Rootes 1725cc
Oil Filter Valvoline V020 or V023 Rootes 1725cc
Thermostat QH QT14C Rootes 1725cc
Thermostat Dayco DT14x-BP
Where?x?is a variable which denotes the opening temperature.
Rootes 1725cc
Tie Rod Ends QH QTE195L and QTE195R `Series’ Alpine
Shock Absorbers Spax G754 (rear) and G751S (front) Imp
Wheel Bearings front Timken, SKF, etc LM11949Q/LM11910Q (outer) and 1988/1922 (inner) `Series’ Alpine
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