Third Party Component Supplier Part Numbers

This page is for my own benefit as much as anyone else’s. I’m compiling a list of part numbers for components for Rootes Group cars made by outside suppliers. Building this will be a slow process. Whenever I buy something for my cars I intend to note down the numbers here.

Please note I reside in Australia and I can’t guarantee that part numbers are always internationally uniform.

Component Manufacturer Part Number Application
Headlamp to body seal Peter Jackson’s 244.007 `Series’ Alpine


Brake Pads Ferodo DB525Z `Series’ Alpine
Brake Light Pressure Switch Intermotor 64519 `Series’ Alpine


Slave Cylinder Kit PBR K655S Imp
Fan Belt Bosch 11A0955 `Series’ Alpine/Rapier
Rotor Button Bosch GL229 `Series’ Alpine/Rapier
Contact Set Bosch GL19 `Series’ Alpine/Rapier
Oil Filter Ryco Z10 Rootes 1725cc
Oil Filter Valvoline V020 or V023 Rootes 1725cc
Thermostat QH QT14C Rootes 1725cc
Thermostat Dayco DT14x-BP
Where?x?is a variable which denotes the opening temperature.
Rootes 1725cc
Tie Rod Ends QH QTE195L and QTE195R `Series’ Alpine
Shock Absorbers Spax G754 (rear) and G751S (front) Imp
Wheel Bearings front Timken, SKF, etc LM11949Q/LM11910Q (outer) and 1988/1922 (inner) `Series’ Alpine

1 thought on “Third Party Component Supplier Part Numbers

  1. Omid Mansourbakht

    Hello, you are kindly requested to let me know what the followings regarding the Rootes Arrow (Paykan) 1725c.c. engine are.
    1- center to center distance between the two timing gear (sprockets)
    2- detailed technical specification of mentioned sprockets
    Thanks and Regards.
    Omid Mansourbakht


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