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Vintage lineup

left to right
– a Sunbeam 3 litre Super Sports “Twin Cam”
– 1922 Tourist Trophy Sunbeam
– 1924 Grand Prix Sunbeam – aka Sunbeam Cub (supercharged, 2-litre, 6-cylinder, twin overhead camshafts, 146bhp@5000rpm)

Photos: Mark Ballard
Chassis of the 1924 Grand Prix Sunbeam.



1914 TT Sunbeams

1914 Tourist Trophy Sunbeams: (4 cylinders, 3.3 litres, 4 valves per cylinder, twin overhead camshafts, 94bhp@3000rpm). The only one with its original colour is the purple one, as this was the British racing colour for the 1914 TT. Photos: Mark Ballard