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Carl McLelland’s Alpine

Carl McLelland entering turn 1 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in his Series I Alpine.

Photo: Carl McLelland.

Sesslar/Carmichael Alpine

Steven Silverstein from the USA owns this ex-Sesslar/Carmichael racing Alpine. Photos: Steven Silverstein.

Alpine in Brisbane

Clyde from Brisbane, Australia with his Series IV Alpine.

Jan & Katja Iggbom’s Alpines

Jan & Katja Iggbom from Sweden own a Series III GT Alpine and a Harrington Le Mans. Photos: Jan & Katja Iggbom.

Vic Hughes’ Alpine

Vic Hughes’ Series III Alpine undergoing repairs (Australia).

Photo: Vic Hughes

1963 Johore Grand Prix

Photo: Joe Cagnacci.

Joe Cagnacci shows off his trophies (!) after the 1963 Johore Grand Prix.

JM Degroote’s Alpine

The Alpine of JM Degroote of Belgium.

Photo: JM Degroote.

Modern Motoring & Travel

Modern Motoring & Travel was the Rootes Group’s own motoring magazine.

October 1966


Sunbeam Alpine

Alpine slot car

I’ve finished putting together this Retro Slot Alpine slot car kit. This was a very easy one to build so I’d highly recommend it for a novice. I’ve painted it up as “Rosebud” – the Alpine driven by Brabham and Moss at Riverside in 1961.

The only change I made was to swap the Minilite wheels from the kit for some Ninco wire wheels which were more appropriate for this livery.