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Jim Sencindiver’s Tiger

Jim Sencindiver of the USA has this very tasty Mk II Tiger.


Photo: Jim Sencindiver.

Curt Bowland’s Tiger

Curt Bowland from the USA has owned this Tiger since 1971. Great to see it being used in anger. The locations are (top to bottom) Hershey Hillclimb 2002, Elkhart Lake 1982, Mid Ohio 2005 and Bahamas 1984.?Photos: Curt Bowland.

Modern Motoring & Travel

Modern Motoring & Travel was the Rootes Group’s own motoring magazine.


June 1965

Sunbeam Tiger

rally Tiger


Sunbeam Tiger Mk I. Photo: Mark Ballard

A lap of Goodwood in the Monster Tiger

A lap of Goodwood in the Monster Tiger.

2025 Sunbeam Tiger

The 2025 Sunbeam Tiger

Get Smart

Trailer for the new Get Smart film, including prerequisite Sunbeam:


Somehow I’m doubtful it will live up to Mel Brooks’ original.