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Google Earth

I’ve now added Google Earth placemark files to my Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Sunbeam Factories section.

If you’re not familiar with Google Earth, it’s free software that allows you to view satellite images of the entire Earth’s surface. Resolution varies from place to place, but all the locations I’ve provided placemarks for have good clear images.

Mrs Henderson Presents

One for Sheila Van Damm fans – there’s a new film out soon called Mrs Henderson Presents. It is about the Windmill theatre with which the Van Damm family was associated. Bob Hoskins plays Sheila’s father.

No word yet on whether Sheila appears as a character in the film. I doubt there will be any Sunbeam content although one can always hope.

(For the uninitiated, Sheila Van Damm was one of Sunbeam’s greatest works rally drivers.)


If there’s one thing I find hard to stomach from the period where Chrysler owned Rootes it’s the axing of the Asp project. The Asp was to be Rootes’ entry in the Spridget/Spitfire end of the sports car market. It was to use the overhead cam, all alloy Imp engine. Rootes hadn’t quite worked out whether the engine was to go in the front or back. In any case it looked like being huge fun.

Unfortunately when Chrysler stepped in they couldn’t understand why anybody would want to buy a funny little car like that, so they scrapped the whole idea.

It’s ironic then that Chrysler is now considering building the Dodge Slingshot, a car that seems very much like a modern interpretation of the Asp.