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1000hp Sunbeam

Cutaway of the 1000hp Sunbeam. I’m unsure of the original source of this drawing, although it looks as though it may have come from an issue of The Autocar or The Motor.

1000hp Sunbeam on Daytona Beach

Thanks to Real Bosse in Canada for this photo of the?1000hp Sunbeam?record car on Daytona Beach.

Carl McLelland’s Alpine

Carl McLelland entering turn 1 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in his Series I Alpine.

Photo: Carl McLelland.

1000hp Sunbeam

Bob Hamilton sent me this photo of Sir Henry Segrave’s 1000 hp Sunbeam record car.

Sesslar/Carmichael Alpine

Steven Silverstein from the USA owns this ex-Sesslar/Carmichael racing Alpine. Photos: Steven Silverstein.

1963 Johore Grand Prix

Photo: Joe Cagnacci.

Joe Cagnacci shows off his trophies (!) after the 1963 Johore Grand Prix.

1912 Coupe de l’Auto Sunbeam replica

Photo:Mark Ballard

1912 Coupe de l’Auto Sunbeam replica (3 litre, 4 cylinder).

rally Tiger


Sunbeam Tiger Mk I. Photo: Mark Ballard

A lap of Goodwood in the Monster Tiger

A lap of Goodwood in the Monster Tiger.

vale Marcus Chambers

Another of the greats has passed. Former Rootes Competition Manager Marcus Chambers was 98.